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Counselling & Coaching Victoria

Do you want to feel more emotionally balanced, confident and healthy?

Do you want to feel more open, curious, and committed to living your best life?

Hersh can support you to explore, learn, and grow.

Hersh Kline offers a unique blend of counselling and coaching services that will help you move forward. You will find his approach to be both caring and active and one that creates lasting change.

Hersh offers a unique combination of caring presence and specific skills and tools to help you:

  • Navigate life transitions
  • Create better relationships
  • Use values based parenting
  • Help for addictions
  • Move past depression
  • Help for anxiety, panic, OCD
  • Learn stress management
  • Balance emotions
  • Find self awareness, joy, and confidence
  • Manage time and energy
  • Support for grief and loss
  • Reconsider choices and priorities


Personal Counselling

Couples & Family Counselling