Dr. Catherine Carr

Catherine CarrYou can request coaching, counselling, or a combination of both:  


People appreciate Catherine’s positive and active approach that combines caring support with feedback. Her unique counselling and coaching approach creates lasting change in your life.

Catherine is trained in many types of therapies and coaching including cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, solution focused and interpersonal therapies. We all need support at some point to create positive change in ourselves, our relationships and our life direction, and to feel happier, balanced, and more fulfilled.

Catherine loves her counselling work. She has over 20 years experience working with adults and teens, couples, and families. She is trained premarital therapist, couples therapist, resiliency coach, and a divorce coach. Catherine is a Registered Clinical Counsellor so can be claimed under many plans.


Counselling starts with an initial meeting to meet one another and get an overview of what is happening and plan how for I can support you. You will leave with some directions and next steps. Clients typically book sessions weekly or biweekly to begin with, and then less frequently as things improve.

New Wellness and Resilience Package

Catherine offers a 6 session Resilience Package including an evidence based assessment, targeted action plan and support to create positive changes. Please inquire for more information.

Be purposeful, proactive, adaptive and positive

Adapt to and thrive in constant change and periods of uncertainty

Master the stress and overwhelm of pressures

Ensure optimal physical and emotional wellbeing

New Couples Counselling Approach

Catherine offers a 6 session Couples Package that includes “smart coaching based on the science of relationships” with her new online couples assessment tool, action planning, focused couples counselling and timed online check points to create positive changes. Please inquire for more information.

The Couples Package can help you to:

Rekindle your passion and romance

Improve communication & listening

Deepen your respect & empathy

Better celebrate & enjoy each other

Better manage finances & family responsibilities

Support each other’s aspirations & lives outside of your marriage

Stay healthy & have fun together

Pursue common interests & causes together


Life and Career Coaching

Clients say that Catherine Carr is clear, insightful and motivating. She helps you figure out who you need to be, what you hope to accomplish, and what you need to do to get there.

You can use coaching to move past inner obstacles to discover and use your values, best strengths and your talents. Make important career decisions, align your work with your strengths and interests, create great relationships, choose healthier eating, exercise and wellness, improve your confidence, increase resiliency, and pursue your life dreams and goals. Succeed where you haven’t before!

Resilience Group

Reimagine Your Life, Renew Your Purpose, Realize Your Potential. Catherine offers individual coaching and a Resilience Group based on neuroscience principles for wellness and change.

About Catherine

Catherine Carr holds a doctorate in coaching, winning the Goulding Award for Most Outstanding Doctorate of 2012 (Middlesex University, UK). She is Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a Corporate Executive Coach (ACEC).

Catherine offers customized professional coaching services including executive coaching, team coaching and 360 feedback reviews. Catherine is the co-author of two books on teams and coaching: High Performance Team Coaching and 50 Tips for Terrific Teams.

Contact Catherine for more information.

Note: Catherine is currently taking new referrals as of January 2021, unless you are part of an organization she is contracted with.