Couples and Family Counselling

Couples and Family Counselling can help you find hope and new ways forward

Couples and Family Counselling Victoria BC

Couples Counselling

  • Feel closer, happier, and more positive about your relationship
  • Sort out conflicts where you are stuck
  • Change your relationship patterns
  • Communicate and Connect without losing yourself in the process
  • Renew passion and intimacy
  • Repair trust after affairs and other difficulties
  • Parent successfully using value based principles

Hersh will coach you to build on what’s working and repair what’s not: Couples sometimes wait too long to call because relationship issues can be challenging to talk about. Hersh will ensure that you feel supported to communicate, learn, and to build new skills. Couples find their sessions with us are productive and well worth the time.

Your plan will include steps to reestablish a healthy relationship and encouragement to have some fun while you are at it!

New Couples Counselling Approach 

We offer a 6 session Couples Package that includes “smart coaching based on the science of relationships” with her new online couples assessment tool, action planning, focused couples counselling and timed online check points to create positive changes. Please inquire for more information.

Premarital Counselling

We offers a guided premarital process to prepare couples for living and planning a loving and wonderful life together.

Family Counselling

  • Improve communication and deal with conflicts
  • Renew your appreciation, acceptance, and patience for one another
  • Find a way to parent well together
  • Help resolve child and teenage struggles and mental health issues including transition, depression, anxiety, and eating issues
  • Successfully single parent or create a blended family

We can help!

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Couples and family counselling Victoria BC.