Separation and Divorce Support

Separation and Divorce can be one of most challenging transitions that you go through. You might be in the early stages of wondering if you should stay or go or you or be with someone who wants to leave but you want to work things out. It’s good to talk about it.

If you know you are separating I can act as your Divorce Coach.  Divorce coaches address emotional challenges, build co-parenting communication skills, mediate conflict, and support transition and adjustment. Coaching offers a process that fair, supportive, and to helps families find their own ways to move forward, rather than what the courts decide for them.

I offer practical guidance and emotional support so that you can:

  1. Talk about the array of what you are thinking and feeling 
  2. Understand the separation and divorce process and reduce stress and difficult feelings
  3. Develop skills to cut down on conflict and to work towards your goals
  4. Resolve problems that get in the way of moving forward: issues in the divorce, unresolved needs, feelings and fears, emotional readiness or impatience with moving on, possible career changes and lifestyle transitions
  5. Put kids first and create a co-parenting vision, develop co-parenting skills, and set up a parenting plan
  6. Get back on track with your life

Training and Experience

  • Experienced Therapist with teens and adults, couples and families since 1990 including master’s research in couples therapy. Ongoing study includes the Gottman Method and Developmental Couples Therapy, Couples Institute, 2013-2014.
  • Specialties include clear communication, wellbeing, relationship issues, life and career transitions, family of origin issues, stress management, self-esteem, emotional eating, anxiety, depression, addictions, anger and conflict, intimacy issues and affairs.
  • Certified Life, Executive and Professional Coach working to help people achieve their goals by finding personal and professional meaning, purpose and fulfillment.


  • Masters in Counselling Psychology and Leadership
  • Doctorate in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Mediation Training Level II, Justice Institute

 Relevant Professional Associations